Huddersfield & District Badminton League

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Results Centre

You can find all the latest match information here in the Results Centre

  • League Tables
    We will aim to update the League Tables each evening, after that days scorecards have been entered into the results database
  • Fixtures
    View all of the seasons results and forthcoming fixtures - by League / Division
    You will also be able to view scanned images of completed scorecards
  • MyFixtures!
    See the Fixtures / Results for any Club or Team
  • Team Listings
    Latest nomination lists and substitutions info
  • Summer League
    Fixtures, Results and League Tables from the Summer League
  • Tournament
    Reports and Results from the latest League Handicapped Tournaments which were held in November 2012. Photo galleries from this and previous tournaments
  • Results Archive
    Results / Tables / Scorecards from previous seasons
  • Match Reports
    Information on what to do when you have to send in a Match Report and access to the Match Report Form.

"A Sportsman is a man who does not boast or quit, or make excuses when he fails. He is a cheerful loser and a quiet winner. He plays fair and as well as he can. He enjoys the pleasure or risks, gives his opponents the benefit of doubt and values the game itself more highly than the result".



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