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Match Reports

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How does it work?
The Huddersfield & District Badminton League are grateful to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner for their continued support of Badminton in the local area. Our Publicity Officer, Luke Seage, will act as our contact with the Examiner and will receive your match reports and forward them to the Examiner sports team. From your reports the Examiner will pull the copy and headlines together. Obviously, the more detailed information they receive – the better the report, it also gives you a chance to promote your club.

What needs to be in the report?

  • Names of players (including Christian name)
  • Full scores
  • Key points in the match (good comeback, very tight game)
  • Players playing up a team
  • Unbeaten pairings
  • Juniors
  • Pictures supplied in jpeg format and named
  • Promotion & relegation
  • Father & son, Mother daughter etc

How do you send the report?
There is a Match Report Template (MS Word) available on the website

If you are unable to open the above MS Word document, try the link below:

To allow us to manage the process and swiftly pass the information through to the Examiner The requested information needs to be sent separately via email to the Publicity Secretary. It may NOT be written on the bottom of the score card and sent in that way. Completed reports should be emailed to Luke Seage ( within 3 days of your match being completed.

In the Subject line of the email please type:

Deadline:  no later than 3 days after your match has been completed. Our Examiner deadline is Monday morning for the Wednesday column.

The matches which require an Examiner Match Report will be shown on the website fixture lists
Match reports are required as shown in the fixtures – Denoted by R

 Any publicity queries / problems …..  contact Luke Seage via email on: or on 07712 553757

Thanks for your support.

Luke Seage
HDBL Publicity Officer

PS If you have any other newsworthy stories that you think would be of interest then please let me know.

Match Reports required for 2017/18 season are shown below:

Division 1

Brighouse A – 22nd Nov vs Valley St. James – 21st Mar vs Holmfirth A

Holmfirth A – 5th Oct vs Royd’s Hall A – 29th Mar vs Kirkburton A

Kirkburton A – 6th Nov vs Roy’s Hall A – 12th Feb Holmfirth A

Kirkburton B – 1st Nov vs Brighouse A – 10th Jan vs Valley St. James B

Royd’s Hall A – 24th Oct vs Brighouse A – 27th Feb vs Kirkburton A

Valley St. James A – 7th Nov vs Kirkburton B – 6th Feb vs Holmfirth A

Valley St. James B – 14th Nov vs Brighouse A – 20th Mar vs Royd’s Hall A


Division 2

Fartown A – 1st Nov vs Ossett Sports – 28th Feb vs Spen Valley

Holmfirth B – 23rd Nov vs Shepley – 18th Jan vs Kirkburton C

Holmfirth C – 5th Oct vs Spen Valley – 15th Mar vs Fartown A

Kirkburton C – 30th Oct vs Holmfirth B – 12th Feb vs Holmfirth C

Ossett Sports – 19th Oct vs Spen Valley – 22nd Feb vs Holmfirth C

Shepley – 31st Oct vs Holmfirth C – 9th Jan vs Ossett

Spen Valley – 28th Sep vs Shepley – 25th Jan vs Ossett


Division 3

Beaumont Park A – 20th Dec vs Brighouse C – 21st Feb vs Royd’s Hall B

Brighouse B – 10th Jan vs Holmfirth D – 21st Feb vs Fartown B

Brighouse C – 13th Dec vs Royd’s Hall B – 7th Feb vs Holmfirth D

Fartown B – 27th Sep vs Beaumont Park A – 21st Mar vs Holmfirth D

Holmfirth D – 16th Nov vs Brighouse D – 29th Mar vs Brighouse B

Royd’s Hall B – 9th Jan vs Fartown B – 6TH Feb vs Brighouse B


Division 4

Beaumont Park B – 1st Nov vs Huddersfield Eagles – 14th Mar vs Kirkburton D

Beaumont Park C – 29th Nov vs Huddersfield Eagles – 7th Feb vs Fartown C

Fartown C – 4th Oct vs Kirkburton D – 31st Jan vs Royds Hall C

Huddersfield Eagles – No home games as yet, to be added later.

Kirkburton D – 16th Oct vs Royd’s Hall C – 13th Dec vs Beaumont Park C

Royd’s Hall C – 10th Oct vs Fartown C – 27th Mar vs Beaumont Park B



Fartown – 8th Nov vs Brighouse – 7th Mar vs Kirkburton

Brighouse – 18th Oct vs Kirkburton – 20th Dec vs Holmfirth

Kirkburton – 27th Sep vs Holmfirth – 24th Jan vs Fartown

Holmfirth – 16th Nov vs Royds Hall – 15th Mar vs Brighouse

Royd’s Hall – 26th Sep vs Fartown – 20th Feb vs Holmfirth



Royd’s Hall – 28th Nov vs Kirkburton – 30th Jan vs Fartown

Fartown – 20th Dec vs Holmfirth B – 21st Feb vs Valley St. James

Kirkburton – 4th Oct vs Fartown – 8th Nov vs Holmfirth A

Valley St. James – 3rd Oct vs Royds Hall – 27th Feb vs Holmfirth B

Holmfirth A – 9th Oct vs Holmfirth B – 22nd Feb vs Kirkburton

Holmfirth B – 23rd Nov vs Kirkburton – 8th Mar vs Fartown


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